Dressing up for work

It looks quite good, he said, as we entered the pickles aisle and saw a thin lad in a Pierrot-cum-ghoul costume on. His face had been white-d-out and a spider’s web had been drawn upon it. And he wore a top hat on his head. Does it itch? I heard one of his colleagues ask him as they filled the shelves. together. No, said the lad, surprisingly enough it doesn’t. One of the bosses had also got into the swing of it and had a large black spider on her head, worn at a jaunty angle like a fascinator and another spread across the palm of her hand, held on by a rubber band. On her shoulders was some cotton wool, stretched thin to look like cobwebs. We’d followed another woman up the travelator who was sporting a Halloween-inspired t-shirt with yellow pumpkin motifs and bats and heavily sequinned sleeves. (There had been a woman in the Harbourmaster with a jumper that scintillated with tiny specks of sequins that I long to go over to and say something. What is it about sequins – I don’t see myself as wearing them but I love to see them on others – is it some unacknowledged ‘girly’ part of me longing to come out?) She grinned at us, pleased as punch with it. Does it make the tedium of work lift a little to dress up like that? Is it a talking point? The boss-woman (lovely girl who is in constant pain with her legs) said that she hoped that the spiders would keep some members of staff at bay. They are all so good humoured. Though no stringy girl with the purple hair this morning.

A milky-grey sky. He has gone out for a walk. My last treatment today in Borth. I shall miss it. And her. Has it made me better? My legs are certainly improved. So I’d like to think so.