He was on my bedroom wall, the greenness of him stark against the magnolia. How had he got there? I thought grasshopper jumped not flew. I know so little. I picked him up carefully with a piece of loo paper and put him out of the window. Five minutes later he was on the window. He paused for a bit and we both watched as he appeared to be cleaning himself. Then he began to climb. They’ve got suckers, he said. Within a couple of minutes he was gone. Had he gone onto the roof?

The morning are dark now. There was no moon. The wind had got up, and straggles of my hair caught in my mouth. It felt bleak. The woman with the bag was at the other end of the Prom. She must’ve seen me advancing for she turned into ‘the ship’ and waited till I’d passed. I understand. I often feel that way about other people too. I walked down Great Darkgate Street to get out of the wind and saw a Greggs’ lorry parked on the pavement. The driver was wheeling some crates from the lit shop. Good morning, he called to me as I passed. I felt a little lighter for it. It was 4.15 am and he sounded so cheerful. I replied in kind and walked with a more buoyant step. It’s all OK, I thought. It is.