Just off the white

At suppertime we invariably do crosswords and chat intermittently. The last few days the chat has dominated. Idle stuff. We tend to just let it roll along, sometimes inspired by a clue or an answer and other times it just comes in unbidden. The clue was spoke and I began thinking about a cycle shop in H. near a wine bar she’d made puddings for to boost her income. So long ago. The answer to the one before had been putty and we immediately agreed that  we’d disliked the smell. Then he’d begun telling me about the decorator that his parents used to use. A Mr Edwards. He blinked really slowly, like this, he told me, demonstrating a slow blink as he did so. And he told me what he used to say. ‘Just off the white, Mrs Jones. Every time. Just off the white. Just off the white.

Just do it! He said this morning. Put something on the radio to take your mind off and just do it. He’s right, of course. No more procrastinating. Just do it.