Moving Elephant

There is a For Sale sign on their fence. They are moving then. I think they rent it, so it must be the owner that is selling it. I’ve seen several women going in and out of the house. It can’t be easy, we said at breakfast. No, he said. But owning houses aren’t that safe either. I wonder where Elephant and her family will go. She has grown since they moved in here, noticeably so, and not just in height but in boldness too. I saw her one day last year playing on scooters with a group of other children, most were older than her, and she was in complete control. There is alway change. Always. There is no point trying to stem its tide. Just acquiesce and welcome, if you can, the newness that is coming.

He is a boy scout, always has been. He loves to help, to be of use, to be kind. Especially, that is, to seemingly frail old ladies. He found one yesterday while he was having his lunch on the Prom. She was lost. Her name was Diane and she was here with a coach party from Sheffield. They had come to Aberystwyth for the day and she’d lost the coach. I’ve had some fish and chips, she told him but she’d lost herself at the same time. He tucked her into the car and went in search of the coach. He soon found it, just outside the Belle Vue hotel and she was happy again. She was so tiny, he said. I didn’t make enough of it. I was scratchy yesterday, everything felt wrong. I’m sorry for that. He was kind. He made a difference for someone. I’m proud of his kindness. He is worth his weight in gold.

Smithereens. It was the answer to a crossword clue. What a lovely word. It sounds nautical. I have more work. A commission. A small one but is something and they are happy to extend the deadline. And one of the braille producing companies have welcomed a site visit. How exciting. I love to see inside such places – another world. To learn, to extend to become more than I presently am. I reach out to the world. Give me courage to do it well.

I dreamt we were sharing a house with lots of other people. I didn’t mind, it was warm and communal but I fretted as to when I might do things like washing. And then I was making us a drink and the kettle broke. I folded it up ready to be recycled and then noticed that there was another one and my panic eased. A gentle solution. I felt it in the dream that there is always a solution. Like with this laptop of mine. It wobbles. It needs fixing but I need it to hang until I completed my work – the review this weekend and now the commission. Will it hang on?