Another dry morning though they’d promised rain. I put on my new white dress today. I look like a bridesmaid, or perhaps Grayson Perry. I get why he does it. It’s rather pleasant to be girlish, now and again. The clouds are building up in the distance. The shopping is all done. We are there at the supermarket by 6 am and all done and packed away by 7 am. We both appreciate the quiet of the store at that time. A few shelf-stackers are dotted around, mostly students and Eastern Europeans, but there is no piped muszak or indeed many other customers. The tall girl with the multi-coloured hair was at the till. She is a gentle soul, and refers to us in the Welsh way as ‘both’. I don’t mind. We pass the time of day, talk about the weather, mostly. As I did with our neighbour at 3.45 am. He was at his window smoking as usual. Does he know that my heart sinks a little when I see him there from the distance? Does he feel the same? We do the necessary. It is pleasant enough but I struggle to talk at that time, so wrapt am I in my thoughts.

I shall write for a couple of hours then return to my handwork in the hope that I can complete a little more of the sampler that I began yesterday. What slow work I made of it. It’s a gift and I want to get it right. You’re learning, he said. Yes, it feels like it.

So, to work. A bientot.