Paddling Pool

They’ve filled the public paddling pool on the Prom with sand.

We’ve only been away three days and already there are changes. That’ll please the parents, he said, sand everywhere. Though I suppose it’s better than nothing, he said, as we left for the supermarket. Why can’t they mend it? I ask. Perhaps they haven’t the money, he said.

I haven’t got much time. I’ve got a head full of stuff to do and the house needs cleaning. No time. Breathe. All will get done. I’ve done the technical things at least. It always makes me edgy. Did the audio work? Did the videos take? They are sweet. Slightly shaky. I ask so much of him. And he is ever willing.

So much to take in, to digest. It has been a rich few days. But there is sadness too. I come down hard. And then the phone call on the way home. I did say yes, and she was grateful. Though it was cancelled in the end. A god send, for I would’ve only had four hours sleep.

Must be off now. I know, it isn’t enough. I want to stay, to tell you of my trip but work calls though it is her call first.

Does she still grieve for Bonnie?

Such life. Thank you. x