The Food Programme did a fascinating take on the virus and its impact on food delivery last Sunday. Scary but fascinating. There is so much to think about. And somehow heartwarming to know that a factory in Italy is making sure that their parmesan cheese production is still going ahead as they draft in ex-employees to fill the places of those off sick. It is heartwarming, even if it seems unimportant, it’s something to do with national pride and the place that certain foodstuffs hold in our lives. I started to panic on waking and late last night about the notion of shortage, what if I can’t get this or that. And then I am ashamed. We need so little, really, we have just got used to abundance and accessibility.

Meanwhile, we continue to watch Butterflies, one a night. ‘Why can’t you just be a housewife?’ Ben asks Ria. Good question. That is, why can’t you just be satisfied with you lot and make mine a more peaceful one, eh? ‘But I’m not a peaceful person,’ replied Ria. No, nor am I, Ria and yet how I long to be.