There was no sound from the sea this morning, not even a lapping. How fickle the weather is. A clear sky spreads out before my window and the sea is a deep blue. The cleaning has been done. Now I’ve admin to do. I’d like to take the Bank Holiday as one but I’ve never been very good at that. That sitting still lark. Or even the sleeping in one. There is so much I want to do, to achieve, to learn and to become. I can still hear the pulsing in my ear. Was it always there but I didn’t hear it? He’s found another house. It’s in the sticks but the rent is much cheaper. Should I look? What an upheaval it would be but there is a garden and a vegetable patch. Shall I yield to what could be? But is it light? Like this home. I like it most when I’ve cleaned it from top to bottom, though it is sadly in need of painting. Heigh ho. Time to work. I think of you. I think of you all. x