A single sunflower has sprung up on the building site outside our flat. Tall, yet spindly, it is a testament to Nature’s indiscriminate pulsing towards life, whatever. I like to look at it.

Walking two days ago in the early morning I saw two hats and a toothbrush in the gutter. Not together, I came upon them separately. The toothbrush and the black straw sun hat were on  North Road, the purple satin witch’s hat was further down the hill.

This morning there was the moon, shining through a cloudless sky. I didn’t need my torch. The sea made silver.

A birthday tantrum, or so it felt. What was that about? I didn’t want a fuss. No cards, no presents, thank you. And yet, I wanted to be made to feel special, to be singled-out, as I had been as a child. It is no longer relevant, no longer important. There was a scratchy-ness in my not quite reconciled self. Let it go. Let it all go. The past is no longer relevant. A year has passed. Either way a construct. So be it. Live what you ask. Be what you are destined to be. Let it go. Let it all fall away. Fall away.