According to one specialist (I’m not sure what his specialism was, he quoted parts of his article to me from the paper) we are dreaming more in this lockdown time because our subconsciousnesses are creating the stimulus our minds are not getting during the day. I’m not completely convinced, I think it’s more to do with an underlying universal anxiety that is making our subconscious minds more alert, though what do I know? I wake from dream after dream. I know they are intricate, textured but not unpleasant. In one of them I was offered an almost full-time university post teaching drawing and writing. You’ll have to come to Birmingham, she said (a face I vaguely recognise from my past, she also hired me to teach) we’ve moved the department there. I was pleased, knew that I could do it and tested the idea of all that commuting in my head. Yes, I could do it. Will they pay expenses? I asked, ever practical, even in dreams. My main concern was telling him. But the money, I thought, will come in useful to put towards my old age. Meanwhile, in the real world, if you can call it that, no news from my employer. They can’t furlough us, apparently, at least not under the government scheme, then what, what can or will they do? Another beautiful morning and I have work to do. Hey ho. But I am glad of it. Really.