6 EE

It took me a few seconds to work out what it meant, or at least how to say it. 6 EE makes more sense if the number six is pronounced in Norwegian as seks. 6 EE or seks-ee or sexy. It took him as a long as me at breakfast. He’s seen the car with that number plate too, just outside where we used to live. I looked up at the flats and tried to remember which was our window. It was a container of good memories but also some hard ones, as all homes are, I suppose.

The magnolia tree on St David’s Road is coming on apace. We both love them. The blossoms are great gaudy things but so beautiful. It is a sign of spring.

They are doing a week of programmes on Radio 4 Extra that herald spring. I caught the tail end of one hosted by Richard Maybe yesterday. I love to listen to him and he had some elegant recordings from various naturalists and poets including a piece by Ted Hughes. He didn’t fuss with language, his use of it was spare, appropriate and yet astonishing. Maybe also ended with a short piece of prose by Orwell. I must find it. The words, so lovely and apposite will not be contained by my mind that is too eager to grasp at so many things it is forever overflowing. Maybe’s programme was followed by a short story called Snowdrops. I’d heard it before but was beguiled again.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.