It’s beginning to feel autumnal. The sky was clear when I walked, a bursting of stars. And now the sun is coming through the clouds that have built up since I returned home for breakfast. It’s nice to have some brightness, the week has felt a little gloomy first thing. I can hear him ablutin’ in his bathroom getting ready to go out for his walk. I thought about the eighteen-year-old I heard talking on The Podcast Radio Hour (was she really only eighteen?) and how she said she was in constant pain. How would I be in that situation? Would I be active as she is? I hope so. She was a gentle soul making podcasts about her condition and how our greatest achievement can be just surviving. We are all dealt such different cards, and some really make the most of what has been given to them. Like her. A brave girl. And then I thought of my nephews and nieces, though mostly my nieces and her. And how brave they are, each with their own challenges to manage. The sky looks glorious, a Titian Blue interspersed with huge tall white clouds. I like to look at it from my studio window. I juggle all my projects, trying in between proper paid work to give them all equal attention. It is the sampler book today and I have a huge turn-a-round of concept. It might work. We’ll see.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.