Bakery & Guano

There is a sign in The Pelican Bakery’s window saying that they will be shut until January 8th. Two weeks of no bread smells as I walk, how will I manage? And not seeing the comforting sight of the girl with the ponytail in there busying herself about laying the loaves on the shelves. I need it in this bleakness. The moon was big, yellow and glowing when I first woke but had gone by the time I went out. It is too black. And cold. And there were too many people about, kids mostly returning home from Christmas Eve party, no doubt.

The stink of starling guano remains strong around the Prom. Why do they return to this cold, bleak place for the winter? Be off with you. I would. Like a shot. Ah, sun. Why have you forsaken us?

Happy Christmas.

I thought of her last night and on waking. How do you bear such a loss?

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.