The sun came out unexpectedly yesterday late afternoon so we went to sit out after supper. A man was there striding off into the wilderness with a tupperware bowl in his hand. He was there the whole time we were there ferreting among the bushes for blackberries. He got cross. Why doesn’t he just f*** off? he said. I was edgy too. Not sure why. Perhaps I was envious and wanted to collect some too. Will there be any left after he is finished? I love the idea of foraging. Nature giving freely. He seemed to know where to go. Had he been doing the same thing for years? We said hello when he passed us on his way home. He lives in the big house we stare at when we sit. We chatted for a bit. He seems a nice man, he said after he’d gone.

Another night of rich dreaming. You don’t need to bring your own pyjamas, the man who was to be my lover in my dream told me. I liked him. He made me laugh.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.