I heard it as I walked in. And then when I walked back. Where is it? I thought. And then I saw it.

I’d taken the road up the little hill towards home and the sound of its song had grown stronger and stronger. I stood still for a moment. Might I be able to see him? And there he was sitting on the wall just in front of me. I could’ve reached out and touched him. He saw me from the corner of his eye but didn’t halt his singing. It was wonderful to watch. All that energy he had to expend and his tail almost acting as a lever, like the kind you’d find on an old water pump. He trilled and trilled. And it was so loud. Such a loud sound from such a tiny creature. I felt privileged to both see and hear him.

See there is joy. However small.

I heard him again this morning.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.