Blackbirds on Wheels

When I first venture out there are no birds and no bird song (though there are always seagulls – on a Tuesday usually ransacking the bins). On my return home they seem to be everywhere, in the trees, in the air and on the ground. I watched a blackbird scurrying along the pavement outside D’s house. It seemed to be rolling along, as if in on wheels – too fast for me to catch the motion of its feet.

The first day of June and both of the Lifeguards’ huts have been pitched along the Prom. I walked along the harbour and heard a banging below the edge and then an engine starting up. It was a small fishing boat with only a single green light. It turned the corner was soon gone.

There’s a poster advertising the latest picture on at the cinema in Bath Street just by the now shut Cooper’s Arms on the corner of Llanbadarn Road. The latest one is a film called A Quiet Place starring Emily Blunt. I know nothing of the film but I like the title. I live there, in that quiet place.

To compare lives is an insidious and painful act. One mustn’t – it devalues what is, the gift of what is. And besides, we can never know another’s life. We only have our own and if we look closely enough there is beauty and the promise of peace in it. Always.

The sun is here and we are to have our first trip in a long while.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.