Brahms and Growlers

The stuff I try to do first thing – such as emails and admin has taken too long so I’m rushing through this eager to get on with some work.

It was John Humphries on his Sunday afternoon Classic FM show that mentioned him. At least I think it was Brahms he was referring to. He talked about his lack of confidence and how he was overshadowed by Bach and other great composers and that he took 20 years to complete his first or was it a particular symphony? How I understand though I can claim none of his greatness.

Listening to a version of Raffles on the radio Bunny Manders mentioned a cab that he called a growler. Why?

Saw the man again this morning. I’ve mentioned him before. He has mental issues, bless him. He was sitting outside the block of flats again in his stocking feet. This his socks were holed. He just stared at me, his hair wild.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.