Chapter 10

I’m still immersed in Austen. Will I ever come out? I have other library books awaiting my attention, Joyce, Calvino and Chandler to name but a few – but I am too entranced to extricate myself from the 19th century for now. I’ve just finished re-reading Persuasion at the back of which was the original Chapter 10 that she had discarded. How would she have felt at it being read? I wonder.

I dreamt of DH. I often do. There was some sexual frisson between us. His wife knew and I was uncomfortable. He showed me his work. We were in a huge art room. But we had to separate. I felt the pain of it, did he? Would he touch me?

Onward. I began the piece yesterday but clumsily. Today I must focus. Let the words come. Let them come.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.