Christmas Trees

Just a short walk this morning having had too much to do before hand. So I strode pushing against the North wind towards the Prom, did a round trip and turned back. I kept an eagle eye out for new sightings of trees. Capricorn Gowns had one in the window that flashed on and off rather too quickly. And Rees Astley Insurance Agents, though empty (I’ve never seen anyone in there even before the pandemic) had one too. Everything is done very elegantly there, the frosted window, the minimalist decor, very un-Aber and the tree follows suit, with one colour and lights that don’t flash. There was also a new one in a house on the corner of Llanbadarn Road – that one was flashing furiously in tandem with a line of blue lights. Let it be, the more tackier the better with the dull mood I’m in. Oh, and what used to be the Barnardo’s shop now has two trees in the window but they are bare. Perhaps someone will be in there today to deck them with bright things.

I thought it would be a breeze this piece but it’s not. So be it. I’ll make some tea and be at it now.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.