Destination ?

It was only a dream, nevertheless they unsettle me, after all I’m usually 3 hours alone with their import until he wakes to shake off the bleakness. I was in a bus terminal. It was busy. All of the passengers were women. I noticed one of the buses were going to London. Where was I meant to be going? I had no idea. I spoke to one woman who was sitting on a bench. She was going to Wrexham, she told me and pulled a face. That’s difficult to get to, I said. Then I was in a some kind of conference hall and that too was full of women, older women of a certain age and income bracket. They were friendly and most smiled at me. I was partly naked, I think, though I had a dress draped around me. Why not just put it on, I told myself. I decided to try and get out of the door but I got caught up in one of the women’s scarf. She was very nice about it. I had also lost my bag and all my things but the distress was minor. Plus my father had given me a lot of money, though I knew he was dead, and yet I wanted to send a text thanking him but couldn’t find him on my phone. Then I woke. Too much. Too unsettling.

I saw another of the red lightning bolts in a window along Thespian street – it read ‘She’s someone’s sister, daughter, wife and mother’ but the apostrophe s and sister, daughter, wife and mother had been crossed of so it read ‘She’s someone’.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.