Dog Roses & Neighbours

They smelt so sweet as I passed them on my way back from my walk this morning. I went back that way out of curiosity to see if our neighbour’s car was there. It wasn’t. He’d gone down to check on him last night and it had taken him ages to answer the door. We’d been concerned about him, well I had, not having seen him at his window with his cigarette or seen him though his kitchen window. His elderly mother (now in her 103rd year) is away. And I suspect things are left to slide a little, including not lifting the blinds. Fair enough. Anyway when he eventually answered the door to him, ‘his shirt was all hanging down’. Now I feel uncomfortable. I encouraged him to knock and perhaps it wasn’t appreciated. He told him he was going away last night. He’s clearly gone then. He is a traveller, though where he can go with all these restrictions, who knows.

We heard the puppy barking last night. Happy barks as his owner had a visitor. What nosy neighbours we are.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.