It’s today. I think of little else. Is she scared? Is she excited? It’s a massive thing that we somehow slot into our lives. A joyous one for some, shattering for others. I hope that this time is calmer for her. Keep her safe. Please.

A beautiful day for it. The sky is clear. When we drove home from Tesco’s it was pink.

He is my wise one. I needed to listen to him and I did, lying stretched out on a bench on the Coll field, my face in the sun falling in and out of sleep and all the time his voice guiding me. He is my shaman. I am blessed. I want to absorb all the love and sagacity he has to give me before he leaves me. Who knows when that will be. I think of it sometimes as I walk. When will he decide to go and how will it be? He takes such care of me and I relish and appreciate every gesture, every touch, every kind word.

I have much to do. My first coffee has been drunk. But I shall write now. That’s it. And do it because you want to, because you’ve been given this opportunity to do so. Relish it, if only for its purging.