I’ve listened to the whole series of Geoffrey Wheeler’s forays into the UK’s Grand Theatres on the radio. Yesterday I listened back to one on the Grand in Swansea and another on the one in Ayr. In the Swansea one he interviewed the ex-Theatre Chaplain, a woman, I forget her name. She talked about going to that theatre as a child and her feelings at seeing the red velvet curtains hiding the stage before the play opened. ‘They shared an enchantment with you’, she said. I followed those with a programme hosted by Roger Law (of Fluck and Law) on breeding English Rabbits, a special spotted variety based on a painting that a wealth of breeders are trying to emulate. Fascinating. It ended, perhaps inevitably with Law eating rabbit pie.

A good day yesterday, even work was fun with some guests for Ifan show bringing in Poppy the Jack Russell and two ferrets.

I send you love, and you and you my love. Nothing is as bad as we think it is. Even in my worst bleakness I know this. Trust it. You are loved. All of you.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.