The vividness of my dreams at that moment (is it the moon, did I hear someone call it a ‘wolf moon’?) means that I remember them more clearly when I wake. Last night I was in an art room (belonging to a school or college or university). I was very comfortable in there, I knew my way about and was organising the space, emptying and sorting out the drawers and cupboards but I needed some glasses in order to see more clearly. For some reason I knew that they were in a cupboard high up in the ceiling and I needed to stand on chair to reach it. There was a man there. A handsome presence, young and strong. He wanted to help me and stood on the chair with me, behind me, giving me a ballast as I reached up to open the cupboard (trapdoor) and then I woke.

Our potted hyacinths upstairs are beginning to open and the smell is almost too much. Delicious. Beyond sweet.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.