Green and more green. The landscape that we drove through yesterday, in all that glorious sun, was luscious. It was bursting with life and colour and verdancy. We both felt blessed by it. It was our first venturing out for such a long time and my first face-to-face exhibition. I was nervous but it was lovely. We broke the journey with stops as outdoor cafes. For all the cliché of it, it felt good to be alive.

I can’t do a headstand yet. I was so disappointed when I tried. My body won’t do it, it’s lost it’s nerve and strength. I try to picture how it felt to do it – the power and grace of it. It will come, I must just be patient and build myself up.

The Ridiculously Rich café down by the harbour have been leaving their fairy lights on through the night. I like it. It is a welcome sight in the near darkness. There were groups of students or some such on the beach this morning, with the ubiquitous fires lit. One had been broken up by the police. There were two police cars and an ambulance. Three masked police officers were talking to a middle-aged man in shorts, he was remonstrating. I cross the road and leave them to it.

Work to do. A review to write. Let it be a pleasure.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.