Hair Cut

It’s been over a year. I haven’t missed the doing of it, that sitting in front of a mirror and making chat (though she, and all the others have been lovely), but I have missed looking neat. It’s all I ask of my self, my body and my clothes, a certain neatness and order. Everything in place. And the flared ends have let the side down, almost witch-like at times. I could’ve done it myself, after all I have cut his, but I struggle with doing things badly (quelle surprise) so I’ve left it and waited. So today is the day, and even that makes me a little anxious. I walk in happily (well, almost) in the dark but during the day is a different matter. No, I must be brave. And I am fond of her and she says that there is a surprise in store in the salon. Has she redecorated?

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.