Lights on Lights off

Yet more Christmas tree sightings as I walked this morning. Though some, disappointingly were turned off. The one in The Hot Dumpling Chinese Take away was off as was the one in Sophie’s Cafe though the train of single lights were still white and bright. The Mecca Tea and Coffee Traders had up some new lights, long lines of red and blue and The Fusion King Sushi Bar had a tiny tree in one window, nicely ablaze. The Medina cafe and shop have what look like gingerbread houses in both windows, dusted with icing sugar, but no lights. Swanson’s Dry Cleaners have put up their decorations including a tree but it was unlit. Several stuffed elves hang awkwardly from the perspex signs in the window. And one of the trees has been removed from the window of the ex-Barnardo’s shop. One of the windows in a student house along South Road has a sign saying Have a very Holly Christmas. They have to go home by tomorrow don’t they? But what about the foreign students? Will they stay or go? We talked about them at breakfast. I recalled the girls who had to remain during the holidays at my boarding school. And he remembered a French and Saunders sketch detailing the same scenario. Poignant.

Still trying to sort out the muddle. In between I work.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.