I’m not good with failing, or making mistakes. Is anybody? I try hard, too hard sometimes. Perhaps that’s the problem. I got irritable. I stood too long and my legs started to feel heavy. The mix for both the bread and the scones is still too wet and consequently takes twice as long to bake. He seems to like them though, even though he refers to the scones as rock cakes. I want to get it right. Is it the oven? Or me? The sea was sublime this morning – the gentle lapping. Though the air was still a little nippy. I made the wrong decision about the gloves. Heigh ho. Sometimes being slightly cold is preferable to being too cold. The Reunion this week was a repeat of a session with some ex POWs from Japanese camps. It was harrowing listening. And yet, such dignity. But it was the one who couldn’t forgive……

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.