Mobile Homes and Campervans

The rain washed them away. All those mobile homes and campervans that littered the harbour have gone. Fair weather visitors, they’re not here for the long haul. As I neared the harbour I could see a light bobbing on top of the water. It was a boat, a fishing boat, a small one setting off for a day’s fishing. There are still lots of boats on stilts on the harbour’s edge. Some are for sale, some grow shabby for disuse and neglect while others await a coat of paint. They seem sad out of the water, cumbersome and plain wrong. Though I like to look at them, even in the gloom of the early morning. They are statuesque, noble beings, that in their simple wooden forms withstand so much.

I woke from dream after dream about The Moonstone, which we are currently immersed in. I know the book, and the theatrical adaptation, having being FOH at The Royal Exchange in the nineties when they had a long run of it, but this film from 1996 is new to me. It has a stellar cast, including Keeley Hawes, Greg Wise and Patricia Hodge and the glorious Anthony Sher as Sergeant Cuff. They all look so young and fresh-faced. A lifetime away.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.