Moire Soup

I love the randomness of the words that my subconscious choses to express. Moire Soup was supposed to be the name of shop or business that someone in my dream told me we had worked for. Where did that come from? Lots and lots of dreams that really and truly pull me under. Dreams of friends in Norway – I so often go there in my dreams – conversing with them, working things through with them. One involved a toilet door I thought I’d locked but she came in regardless.

I have begun it. I’ve walked into it – started it on its rolling course. What did Goethe say about beginnings? I try to remain a little detached. It is both exciting but deeply frightening. (Is it really excitement I feel? Is that honest? Excitement is too strong an emotion to feel in my present ‘Winter-blue’ state but I’m intrigued and interested in the challenge it will set me. And the opportunity to converse with people – I love that. I always have. What a conundrum – and me such a solitary, diffident being. We shall see. I can let it be. Do the work, see the detail and wait and see. As with all these things there is so much I do not know. Can I find people to help me?

I’ve had a coffee, now it is time for some tea then down to the nitty-gritty sending out my feelers. Godspeed.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.