Not Stanley but Sidney

I remembered his name when I was walking. The character from Sanditon was Sidney not Stanley Parker. Remembering is a slow process these days. I get cross sometimes when he asks if I remember the name of actor or the title of a film because invariably I don’t and the trying to find it in my head can hurt.

I woke early – I’d slept badly with the article I have to write whirling round and round inside my head. So I got up. The moon was beautiful turning the roofs of the houses silver. I didn’t need my torch. And I walked the Perygyl. I forgot to say yesterday that I saw the man who works on his computer in his kitchen at 3 in the morning. I thought he’d gone, I haven’t seen him in ages. Life felt restored to normalcy, for a while.

My lovely laptop went a little awry just now. He held my hand and I cried a little from the fear of not being able to write. What a baby, eh? She’s back now. Thank God. To work.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.