One Room

It isn’t the same for all of us, some are really suffering.

She irritates him, Ria Parkinson, that is, the character from Butterflies, and her lover manque irritates him even more. It’s her moaning, and what he calls her histrionics that winds him up the most. And after what 4 series of it, I can see his point. Her bemoaning is really just boredom, and who is responsible for that but herself. She has a loving husband who tries to respond to her desires for difference and at least one sensitive son who really watches her, knows her. She has comfort, money, a house, a garden, security till the end of her days. And she has choice, she just doesn’t see it. The cage is of her own making. They would applaud her for taking her freedom. They would.

He talked about the DPD driver he’d read about, living in one room with a family of four kids and with no work. It is desperate and they talk of it going on for another 3 weeks. Be with them. Let it improve, let something happen to ease the suffering. And all those inmates dying in care homes. The forgotten living and now the forgotten dead. Things must change, mustn’t they?

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.