Of Mrs Gaskell’s story, Cousin Phyllis, Jenny Uglow writes: “John, a self-taught mechanic and inventive genius, (is) a man who works out his ideas not for money but from passion, because…..’until he could put them into shape, they plagued him by night and day’.”

I claim no genius status, not at all, but the plaguing, the making for passion and the ‘need to put them into shape’ – that I recognise, that is me. And it’s OK, isn’t it? For at least the ideas come and I and my life is the richer for it. Isn’t it?

Three articles in Embroidery. How lovely. He is proud.

A sultry day yesterday and the morning still holds some of its warmth. I shall crack on with the quilt once the admin is complete. Onwards.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.