Police Questioning

They pulled up beside me along Llanbadarn Road. The passenger window was rolled down. Can I ask what you are doing? asked the policewoman. Yes, I said, I’m having my walk. We are allowed a walk still, aren’t we? Yes, she said, and her male colleague at the wheel nodded and smiled. I thought I should explain further. I forget sometimes how odd it must seem for someone to be walking at such an early hour. I thought, I said, that walking at this time I’d be less likely to encounter other people. Again, the male policeman nodded in agreement. The policewoman was less affable. Just so long as you remain mindful of what the prime minister says, she said and then rolled up the window. Why do they always make you feel erroneous?

Yesterday was a bleak one. The clocks have gone forward and the dawn wasn’t too long in coming, thanks to you. There was no one about except for a lone police car. It was probably the same one. I hid a little behind a telephone box until the drove past. I want my silence. And then I climbed the hill up to the Buarth.

A simple day today. I want to let it all fall away. To slough it off. And see. And see what happens, what emerges.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.