An eerie morning walk fall of remarkable sights. Well, remarkable in their sensationalism. First, coming down the hill past the Alexandra Hall there was a policeman, his car headlights trained on Constitution Hill. A sharp, cold yellow in the blackness. He was standing, in his shirt sleeves aiming a strong torch across the slope. Up and down, searching, searching for something or someone. Giggling students walked along the Prom, oblivious.

Then a girl separating herself, then running from a pair of other girls along the pavement, across the road from the Prom her dress alive with sequins, afire, white and scintillating. It was beautiful. A beautiful sight. A shimmering, an animated shimmering in the night. Starry. Like the sky, though that was still. Caught.

Then the moon. Half. A half shape in the same black.

Then the hum of the fishing boat, getting ready. Getting ready to sail. Gorgeous. Remarkable. Yes.