I walked through the Castle Park this morning. There’s a temporary sign up with directions as to how to use the play area during the pandemic. Someone has put a piece of black tape over the ‘u’ and now the sign reads ‘Sing the Play Area’. Made me smile.

Shambles was one of our crossword answers and he told me that the space outside The Angel was a shambles. I didn’t know. Then I told him what shambles means. There’s a car parked in the street just before that said walk street with all four of its wheels flat.

I thinking about the town sleeping as I walk. Some are awake, as I see the lighted windows, but most slumber. Some of them I know and I send them wrapped up comfort and others are passing acquaintances and I wish them well too. I like the quiet. Though this morning there was a shouting girl.

It’s open, he shouted at her, pull it. It jars a little the way he talks to or shouts at his mother. She is profoundly deaf (and sometimes I shout at him too, though he is not so deaf) but nevertheless she is such a stately being that it still appears rather disrespectful. I wonder if they are happy cohabiting. Perhaps he stays up into the early hours to have that time to himself.

Must work now. Three days of it. So be it. She was lovely. Ah, the weight of doing such good people justice.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.