Skateboarding and Mattering

Is it in fact a word? he asked me at breakfast. Mattering? It sounds like it should be – smattering, shattering, scattering – but I don’t think so.

Two young people were messing about with a skateboard on Terrace Road when I walked to the sea this morning. He was on it first then she had a go. I watched her as she whirled about using her arms like propellers to move her forward. When she turned to face me I was taken aback by the sultry beauty of her eyes. She looked Eastern, perhaps from the Philippines?

He was at his window smoking when I set off. I didn’t feel like talking much so we passed a quick weather ‘time of the day’: a bit blustery, at least there’s no rain yet, yes, fingers crossed. But I didn’t ask him about the pot for my sweet peas. I should’ve done. Next time.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.