As I walk I watch out for new Christmas decorations I haven’t seen. The Marine Hotel has huge lighted snowflakes in each window. There’s a row of them, looking like giant rosettes. Most festive. And trees have sprung up in several of the student’s rooms in halls and in houses. They leave them on all night, as I would, falling asleep to the glow of them. It helps in this winter’s dark. It does. As does the moon, who even now is shining full through my window.

Do you think Ronnie has been found? I asked him yesterday, for the flyer announcing has gone. No, he said. But why have they taken away the flyer then? Because they’ve probably given up on him. I hope not. I really hope not. These seemingly small griefs hurt us. Greatly.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.