Twelfth Night ignored

I still see them as I walk in the early hours catching glimpses of lit up interiors as I do. All those forgotten or perhaps clung-on-to Christmas trees still lit and still standing. Will they ever take them down? I remember one house along South Marine Terrace had theirs for months after Twelfth Night. Who cares? I understand that need to hang on to the cheer of lights and sparkle – especially now. And the nights are still so long and dark and dismal. I forgot to notice if they’ve taken down the town tree, the lights have definitely gone. How could I have missed it, its huge? That’s the dark for you and being wrapped up in my own thoughts. I didn’t walk far this morning just to the post box opposite the bakery. The lad that I sometimes see in the morning was there waiting for his lift. I didn’t notice him at first. He looked up at my approach then returned his gaze to his phone. In the phone’s light I could see that he had an earring in his right ear.

No ice or frost today. I walked sans stick. The rain is due though. So be it.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.