I threw it out in the end. It isn’t easy, I grew attached to things. I’ve mended it before even resorting to sewing on a little hook when the velcro packed-in. But it was time to go. He is to buy me a new one today. However, it rained this morning so I had to borrow his. A huge thing and rather cumbersome to walk with. But I needed it. See I can fill up space with nonsense just like Jane Austen’s Miss Bates. It’s that details thing again. The big picture is too much to bear so keep it small. Anyway his umbrella withstood the wind better than my old one. I only saw two people as I walked and both wore masks. Good. Another lockdown to come in Wales. It has to be and we must acquiesce. Roll on next year.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.