Wise Words

I don’t have time to write much. But I wanted to say something, to ‘touch base’ as they say in American parlance. He is so kind, he gives me his attention. What more can one ask but to be noticed to be paid attention to? I was in tears, utterly floored by my fears. It’s not the how, he said. This isn’t the time to focus on the how but the doing. Ask yourself, what it is that you are going to do? It helped. He always does. And he is right. I just have to trust that the right people will come my way. I will guided, shown, in this and in all things. Trust. That is all, that is all I have to do. Like falling and believing one will be caught. I just need to let myself fall. Shall I?

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.