Chummy & Wind Noises

Chummy (aka Miranda Hart in Call the Midwife) and I were to travel somewhere together, I believe it was by plane. We’d been sewing together making objects (dolls I think) for a business woman who I believed was trying to cheat us out of our wages, claiming that if what we made didn’t sell we’d have what they were worth taken from our pay. I’d gone to remonstrate with her and when I came back we decided to escape. Did you put away my sewing things? I asked her when we’d gone. Then we were at a airport kiosk and Chummy was buying a can of coke. As usual I couldn’t decide what to get so I didn’t buy anything. Then we were in a field sitting in the grass looking at rose hips that had gone to seed. It reminds me of my childhood I said. Sans Michael Jackson I hope, she said. No, I said wanting to be truthful though I knew it wouldn’t please her, with Michael Jackson.

The rain was but a few spots but the wind was strong. Storm Christof, I think. Everything rattles – garage doors, back gates, boat rigging and pub signs. I keep turning round thinking someone is behind me. It’s just the wind. Just the wind.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.