I planned to make one, though I’ve never made one before. I was with a group of people, living in some sort of a house, HH was there. I started to make a list of the ingredients in my head. There was a fridge with a glass door and one of the women there kept leaving her food outside of it. I suggested that putting it inside might be better. Oh, do you think so? she said. Then I was in a park needing the loo which was surrounded by people, a lot of them were Orthodox Jews dressed in very dated clothes from the 1950s, some of them were dressed up like cowboys and hillbillies too. I was scared of getting to close and catching Covid-19 so I didn’t go. Then I thought where am I going to get cherries? Then I woke and realised that I never did make the clafoutis.

There is a lake of water outside our front door and beneath our downstairs neighbour’s window. He said that he met them after his walk. They were going to the surgery for her to get her jab. No rain when I walked but the wind was mean and cold. Still winter. I think of those whose homes are flooded. Keep them warm and safe and dry and may their homes be soon habitable. Winter is a hard thing.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.