Found Animals & Falls

We were in a field and it was dark. We were being led by a man, a scientist or a zoologist, it wasn’t clear and all of sudden he bent down and dragged something from under a bush. It looked like a hare but it was all flattened out. He was delighted as it was a particular hare that he’d remembered experimenting on. He then proceeded to outline to us all things that he’d done to it. I meanwhile was concerned with a dog that was in my care, for its guts seemed to falling out. He gave it a cursory glance but wasn’t that interested. The rest of the dream has gone. I knew an ex-Head of department who used to paint hares. And this morning I looked into Aberdashery’s window and there were make your own felt hares kits. (Why is it that I continue to delight in such things and yearn to buy and make one?)

He told me he had had some bad news. His friend has fallen and is in Intensive Care with bleeding on the brain. I am sorry. He is a chancer, a charmer, a compulsive gambler, a one-time ladies man but I care for him as does he. I know this, though he hurts him too with his carelessness. I wish him what he wishes – be it a speedy recovery or a gentle lapse into death. Be with him in his need. Now and always.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.