Glass & Skull

She gave them to me as a wedding present. There were six and now there is only one. I loved them. They were square-bottomed tumblers almost art-deco in style – very simple and elegant. They were from her. They reminded me of her. And I’ve had them for over thirty years. Alas I was the one to smash it. Well not smash, I caught it on the edge of another glass when I was washing up and there was a large chip and cut. I took it to the glass recycling bin this morning. I couldn’t bring myself to through it in so I placed it carefully on top of the various wine and beer bottles left there by the other residents. It’s only a thing, she is with me in spirit but I like the tangibility of such things. He has bought me two more glasses from Skandium. We couldn’t find a real replacement. They will do as stand-ins at least they will be Scandinavian. What a silly billy I am to fuss over such small things when all this pandemonium is going on.

I saw what I thought was a skull on the Prom this morning. I can’t always trust my eyes at that time in the morning. I think it was from a dog or possibly a badger, it definitely was a creature with a snout of some sort. It made me sad. The sea must have brought it. It was lying by the side of bin.

Nice smells from the bakery this morning. Then Radio 3 decided to change its Saturday morning schedule. Why? It threw me.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.