Small Things

I’m a doer of small things, a maker of small differences in other people’s lives. As a young woman, I’d hoped to change things, to make great strides and influence people. I’ve narrowed my expectations since then. I cannot do much. I’m a small person with small vistas. But I can try to be kind and to express appreciation when I feel it. Like yesterday. (He replied by the way, I wasn’t expecting it.)

I woke from unsettling dreams of love affairs I didn’t want and visiting her house. She doesn’t know me but I thought she’d recognise me anyway if I knocked on her window. Her house wasn’t what I expected and once it seemed to stretch on and on. People are not who we think they are. And that is good, isn’t it, in the main?

The cloud hangs heavy. No sun today. So be it.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.