Wrong Lights

I needed some comfort (no bakery on a Sunday) and felt a fillip of joy when I thought I saw the lights from a fishing vessel coming into the harbour. I walked a little slower so that I would see its entry. Its lights were full on, though they were white rather than the range of blue, red and yellow that I usually see. Then the started to come towards me. How can that be? I thought, the channel into the harbour doesn’t lead that way. It wasn’t a boat but an ambulance, with its lights full on. Were they having a jaunt down to the harbour, a small respite from a long night? I was disappointed.

The snow came. It looks so beautiful in the darkness, its whiteness occasionally caught by the street lights.

The promise of a commission is a delight but oh the fear comes in too.

By Ellen Bell

Artist and writer currently living in Aberystwyth.